About Us

About Tathata Nederland

How it started

I have a natural sense for charm and style. During one of my journeys to Asia I visited a gemstone supplier. I discovered that each gemstone has an individual, characteristic emanation. Set in a piece of jewellery it enhances the style and individuality of the wearer. Gemstones have been worn as personal ornaments for centuries and are said to have healing properties. Their beauty and radiation fascinated me.

I decided to buy a few pieces and started to look for opportunities to sell them. Shopkeepers were enthusiastic about their quality and happy to add them to their collection.

I enjoyed working with these gemstones so much and started to design my own models. I looked for small artisan workshops that could deliver the best quality and would produce these models with the gemstones I selected.

The retailers were happy to purchase the jewellery and that was the start of my business.


Tathata today

Over the years my passion for the natural beauty of this jewellery grew. I still have gemstone jewellery fashioned, often according to my own design, and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with my wide circle of customers. My business expanded to the wholesale company I own now.

From 1998 Tathata Nederland has been successfully active as a producer, importer and wholesaler for the national and international market. The success of our business is based on the service we have provided over the years, our flexibility, the quality of our unique collection, and on our personal contact with our customers.




















About the jewellery

The gemstones are a gift from our earth and making the pieces of jewellery takes fine craftsmanship. Each piece is handcrafted and therefore unique.

Yearly I travel to different places in Asia to choose  models and gemstones for my new collection. In this way I stay in personal contact with my suppliers and I can comply with the wishes of my customers. The name of my company expresses the beauty of these creations – “Tathata” in Sanskrit means “indescribable beauty”. 


Kind regards,

Bouke Gillet